1 Samuel 8:22

1 Samuel 8:22

And the Lord said to Samuel
an audible voice, or by an impulse upon his mind:

hearken unto their voice, and make them a king;
since they will have a king, let them have one, and let them know that they shall have one:

and Samuel said unto the men of Israel:
the elders of the people that addressed him on this occasion, ( 1 Samuel 8:4 )

go ye every man unto his city;
signifying they might return in peace, and be assured their request would be granted, and a king would be appointed in a short time, and which they might report to their fellow citizens; and they might expect to hear from him quickly, as soon as he had instructions from the Lord who should be their king, which right he had reserved to himself; and therefore in the mean while they might rest contented that they would have one in a little time.

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