1 Samuel 9:11

1 Samuel 9:11

And as they went up the hill to the city
For the city was built upon an hill, from whence it had the name of Ramah, which signifies high and lifted up:

they found young maidens going out to draw water:
going out of the city, to a fountain which was at the bottom of the hill; and this was the usual business of maidens in those countries to fetch water for the service of the family, (See Gill on Genesis 24:11), (See Gill on Genesis 24:15), (See Gill on Genesis 24:16). R. Akiba F5 makes this observation, that whenever a man meets maidens coming out of a city before he goes into it, it is a token of prosperity to him; and instances in the cases of Abraham's servant, of Jacob, and of Moses, and here of Saul, who was informed of a kingdom, and anointed for it, see ( Genesis 24:14 Genesis 24:21 ) ( Genesis 29:10 Genesis 29:11 ) ( Exodus 2:16 ) ,

and said unto them, is the seer here?
meaning, is he in the city? or is he at home? or is he in the country?


F5 In Pirke Eliezer, c. 36. fol. 39. 1. 2.
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