1 Samuel 9:27

1 Samuel 9:27

And as they were going down to the end of the city
That end of it that led the way to the place where Saul was going. As this city was built on an hill, going to the end of it was a declivity, a descent:

Samuel said to Saul, bid the servant pass on before us;
being another man's servant, he did not choose of himself to bid him go on, but desired his master to order him to go before them, that he might not hear what Samuel had to say to Saul, or see what he did unto him; for as the choice of Saul to be king was to be declared by lot, as coming from the Lord, all those precautions were taken of rising early, and going abroad, and sending the servant before them, that it might not be thought that Samuel did this of himself:

and he passed on;
his master bidding him:

but stand thou still a while;
that he might hear the better, and more attentively than in walking; such a posture was most fitting also for what was to be done, anointing him with oil:

that I may show thee the word of God:
tell him more of the mind of God concerning his being king, and declare more fully the word, will, and decree of God about that matter, by an action which would put it out of all doubt that he was the man God designed to be king, as in the following chapter.

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