2 Chronicles 12:12

2 Chronicles 12:12

And when he humbled himself
That is, Rehoboam; or broke his heart, as the Targum, was of a contrite spirit seemingly, for it was merely external:

the wrath of the Lord turned from him;
which appeared by the departure of Shishak's army:

that he would not destroy him altogether;
or make an utter destruction of him and his people:

and also in Judah things went well;
prospered and succeeded after this affair of Shishak was over: or "in Judah there were good things" F16; there were some good men, priests, Levites, and many of the common people, that did good things, kept up and abode by the pure worship and service of God; and which was another reason why the Lord would not destroy them altogether now, see ( Genesis 18:31 Genesis 18:32 ) .


F16 (Mybwj Myrbd) "opera bona", V. L. "res bonae", Tigurine version, Vatablus, Rambachius.
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