2 Chronicles 29:7

2 Chronicles 29:7

Also they have shut up the doors of the porch
So that there was no entering into the temple, ( 2 Chronicles 28:24 )

and put out the lamps;
for the priests not being able to go in morning and evening to light them, and dress them, they in course went out; the Jews say F14, that on the eighteenth of Ab, which answers to part of July and August, the western lamp was extinct in the days of Ahaz, for which a fast was kept on that day:

and have not burnt incense, nor offered burnt offerings in the holy
place unto the God of Israel;
but had done these in the high places to idols, ( 2 Chronicles 28:3 2 Chronicles 28:4 2 Chronicles 28:24 2 Chronicles 28:25 ) .


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