2 Kings 11:15

2 Kings 11:15

But Jehoiada the priest commanded the captains of the
hundreds, the officers of the host
Of the priests and Levites:

and said unto them, have her forth without the ranges;
the ranks of the guards, which were at the gate leading to the palace, or rather "within" them F7; the meaning is, that he ordered her to be had out of the court of the temple, and be put within their ranks, and enclosed by them, that her blood might not be shed in the temple, and yet not escape them:

and him that followeth her, kill with the sword:
that takes her part, and offers to help and assist her, passing through the ranks after her, dispatch him at once:

for the priest had said, let her not be slain in the house of the Lord:
that it might not be defiled with her blood; by which it appears that the guards had orders concerning her before, should she come to the temple, see ( 2 Kings 11:13 ) .


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