2 Kings 12:9

2 Kings 12:9

But Jehoiada the priest took a chest
By the commandment of the king, ( 2 Chronicles 24:8 ) , to put the money collected into, to prevent any fraud, or suspicion of any:

and bored a hole in the lid of it;
to drop the money into, by which means it could not be taken out without taking off the lid:

and set it beside the altar;
the altar of burnt offering, in the court:

on the right side, as one cometh into the house of the Lord;
that is, on the north; for the entrance into the temple was at the east: in ( 2 Chronicles 24:8 ) , it is said to be set without at the gate of the house; which Dr. Lightfoot F11 thinks respects another time, and that either another chest was made, or the same that was first placed by the altar, in the court of the priests, and so in their hands, and the money not coming in apace, was removed without the court at the entrance of it, whither the people brought it readily:

and the priests that kept the door;
the door of the outward court, the levites, the porters, or rather, as the Targum, the priests, the treasurers, who were appointed to this service in the room of the others dismissed; and so Kimchi and other Jewish commentators interpret this of the keepers of the vessels of the sanctuary, and not of the doors of it:

these put therein all the money that was brought into the house of the
by the people from the several parts of the country, who, by proclamation, were required so to do, and very readily did, ( 2 Chronicles 24:9 2 Chronicles 24:10 ) .


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