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2 Kings 25:2

2 Kings 25:32

And thou shalt hang it upon four pillars of shittim wood,
overlaid with gold
For it was ten cubits long, and as many broad; and being of such a stiffness and thickness as it was, required so many pillars to support it: these pillars may signify the deity of Christ, which is the support of his human nature, and in which it has its personal subsistence, and gives all its actions and sufferings virtue and efficacy; and being of "shittim wood", which is incorruptible, may denote his eternity, and being covered with gold, his glory:

their hooks shall be of gold;
which were upon the tops of the pillars on which the vail was hung: and the pillars were

upon the four sockets of silver;
which were properly the pedestals or feet of the pillars; and these sockets, into which the pillars were let and placed, and the hooks the vail hung by, may hint to the union of the two natures in Christ, who is God and man in one person, God manifest in the flesh; see ( Song of Solomon 5:15 ) .

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