In this chapter is an account of the siege, taking, and burning of the
city of Jerusalem, and of the carrying captive the king and the
inhabitants to Babylon, \\#2Ki 25:1-12\\, as also of the pillars and
vessels of the temple brought thither, \\#2Ki 25:13-17\\ and of the
putting to death several of the principal persons of the land,
\\#2Ki 25:18-22\\, and of the miserable condition of the rest under
Gedaliah, whom Ishmael slew, \\#2Ki 25:23-26\\, and the chapter, and
so the history, is concluded with the kindness Jehoiachin met with
from the king of Babylon, after thirty seven years' captivity,
\\#2Ki 25:27-30\\.

&c.] Of the reign of Zedekiah king of Judah. From hence to the end of
\\#2Ki 25:7\\, the account exactly agrees with \\#Jer 52:4-11\\.