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2 Kings 4:35

2 Kings 4:35

Then he returned and walked in the house to and fro
Left the chamber, and came down to the house where the family chiefly resided, and walked to and fro in deep thought and meditation, and, no doubt, in fervent ejaculations for the wished for blessing to be completed:

and went up;
to the chamber again, and up to the bed in it:

and stretched himself upon him;
as before:

and the child sneezed seven times;
which was a sign of life, and even of health; and hereby his head was cleared, as some observe, of those humours that had caused the pains in it F1, and had issued in death:

and the child opened his eyes;
upon the prophet, another sign of life.


F1 Vid. Plin. Nat. Hist. l. 28. c. 6. Aristot. Problem. sect. 33. qu. 9.
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