2 Kings 5:26

2 Kings 5:26

And he said unto him, went not mine heart with thee?
&c.] Did my heart or knowledge go from me, that what thou hast done should be hid from me? so Ben Gersom and others; or my heart did not go with thee, it was contrary to my mind and will what thou didst; so Abendana; or rather, as the Targum, by a spirit of prophecy it was shown unto me I knew full well what thou wentest for, and hast done; and so Maimonides F25; was not I employed in my thoughts? or, did I not think that so it was as thou hast done? I did:

when the man turned again from chariot to meet thee?
meaning Naaman the Syrian:

is it a time to receive money, and to receive garments:
as Gehazi had now done:

and oliveyards, and vineyards, and sheep and oxen, and menservants,
and maidservants?
that is, to purchase those with the two talents of silver he had received, as he thought in his heart, or intended to do, as the Targum; or had given orders to purchase such for him to the persons to whom he had committed the care of them in the tower; this was not a proper time, when the honour of the prophet, and the credit of religion, and the good of this man, as a new proselyte, were in danger thereby.


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