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This chapter gives an account of the leprosy of Naaman the Syrian,
and of the cure of it by Elisha; how he came to hear of him, and the
recommendation he had from the king of Syria to the king of Israel,
\\#2Ki 5:1-8\\, who, coming to Elisha's house, was ordered to dip
himself seven times in Jordan, which made him depart in wrath; but
one of his servants persuaded him to do it, and he did, and was
cured, \\#2Ki 5:9-14\\, upon which he returned to Elisha, and offered
him a present, which he refused, \\#2Ki 5:15-19\\ but Gehazi, his
servant, ran after him with a lie in his mouth, and obtained it, and
returned to his master with another, for which he was smitten with
the leprosy of Naaman, \\#2Ki 5:20-27\\.