This chapter begins with a prophecy of great plenty in Samaria on the
morrow, and of the death of an unbelieving lord, \\#2Ki 7:1,2\\,
relates the case of four lepers, who that night went into the Syrian
camp, which was deserted, occasioned by the noise of chariots,
horses, and a host, which they fancied they heard, \\#2Ki 7:3-9\\,
the report which the lepers made to the king's household of this
affair, and the method the king's servants took to know the truth of
it, \\#2Ki 7:10-15\\ which, when confirmed, the people went out and
spoiled the tents of the Syrians, whereby the prophecy of plenty was
fulfilled, \\#2Ki 7:16\\, and the unbelieving lord having post at the
gate of the city assigned him, was trod to death, and so the
prediction concerning him had its accomplishment also, \\#2Ki 7:17-20\\.