2 Kings 9:34

2 Kings 9:34

And when he was come in
To the palace:

he did eat and drink;
to refresh himself after so long a march, and doing such execution:

and said, go see now this cursed woman;
who had been the means of bringing a curse on Israel through her idolatry, and upon Ahab and his family, and upon herself, body and soul, being cursed of God and of men:

and bury her;
forgetting the prophecy concerning her, though afterwards he remembered it:

for she is a king's daughter:
the daughter of Ethbaal king of the Zidonians, ( 1 Kings 16:31 ) and therefore, in honour to royal dignity, though a cursed woman, he ordered the interment of her; or "though" she is the daughter of one of the kings of the nations of the world, as Kimchi, yet honour must be given to whom it is due.