This chapter contains a description of false teachers, that were then
in Christian churches, as there had been false prophets among the Jews;
and they are described by the doctrines, which they privily introduced;
in general, damnable heresies; in particular, denying the Lord that
bought them; and by their success, having many followers of them in
their pernicious ways; and by the sad effects following hereupon; with
respect to the way of truth, that was blasphemed; with respect to their
hearers, they, through the covetousness of these false teachers, were
made merchandise of; and with respect to themselves, swift and sure
destruction would be brought upon them, \\#2Pe 2:1-3\\, which is
illustrated and confirmed by the instances of punishment in the angels,
the men of the old world, and the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah,
\\#2Pe 2:4-8\\ and whereas, in these instances, notice is taken of the
deliverance of some righteous persons, as Noah and Lot, when wicked men
were destroyed; the apostle draws this conclusion from the whole, that
the Lord knows both how to deliver the saints out of afflictions, and
to reserve wicked men until the day of judgment, then to be punished,
\\#2Pe 2:9\\, especially such shall be then punished, who are described
by their impure course of lift, their contempt of civil government, and
their presumption and selfwill, \\#2Pe 1:10\\ which sins of theirs are
aggravated by the different conduct of angels, superior to them; and by
their being like brute beasts, as ignorant as they, and even below
them; whose punishment will be to perish in their corruption, as the
just reward of their unrighteousness, since they are open in sin, take
pleasure in it, and sport themselves with it, and are spots and
blemishes in Christian societies, \\#2Pe 2:11-13\\ and these, who are
no other than the false teachers before spoken of, are further
described by their adulterous eyes, which cannot cease from sin; by
their beguiling unstable souls; by the covetous practices their hearts
were exercised with; by their just desert, cursed children; by the
course they steer, forsaking the right way, going astray from it, and
following the way of Balaam in his covetousness, and other wicked
practices, for which he was reproved by his ass; and by various
metaphors, which express the emptiness of these persons, and which also
point at their destruction, and describe their boasts and brags, and
the influence they have, through their lasciviousness and uncleanness,
on some persons, who have been outwardly reformed, \\#2Pe 2:14-18\\ and
this they obtain over them in a very stupid and senseless way, by
promising them liberty, when through being overcome by them, and drawn
into sin, they were brought into bondage, and become servants of
corruption; and so their case is worse than it was before their
reformation, and profession of religion; and better it would have been
not to have had the knowledge they had, than after it to turn from the
paths of truth and holiness, which is illustrated by a true Scripture
proverb, which expresses the filthy nature of sin, the character of
these men, and their irrecoverable state and condition, \\#2Pe 2:19-22\\.

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