2 Samuel 11:10

2 Samuel 11:10

And when they had told David
The next morning, either those that went with the mess of meat, or the guards with whom he slept all night:

saying, Uriah went not down to his house;
as the king had ordered him; which those persons being acquainted with, informed him of it, as an act of disobedience to him:

David said unto Uriah;
having sent for him upon the above information:

camest thou not from [thy] journey?
and which was a long one of sixty four miles, as before observed and therefore might well be weary, and want refreshment and rest, and his own house was the most proper place for it; for which reason David suggests he had sent him thither, and did not require nor need his service among his guards:

why [then] didst thou not go down unto thine house?
which was the fittest place for him in such circumstances.