2 Samuel 12:8

2 Samuel 12:8

And I gave thee thy master's house
Not his palace at Gibeah, but rather his family, his wives, servants, wealth, and riches, all being confiscated through the rebellion of Ishbosheth; or rather his kingdom he succeeded him in:

and thy master's wives into thy bosom;
though we read of no more than one that belonged to Saul, if he is meant by his master, excepting Rizpah his concubine, nor ever of David taking them into his bosom and bed; wherefore this can be understood only of his having them at his disposal, to give them to whom he pleased; the word may be rendered his "women", as well as his "wives", and may design his daughters, Merab and Michal, who were both given to David, though taken again and given to others: the Jews say, that Eglah, David's sixth wife, was the wife of Saul, (See Gill on 2 Samuel 3:5);

and gave thee the house of Israel and of Judah;
the kingdom of both; gave him to be king over all the tribes of Israel:

and if [that had been] too little;
either his wives too few, as the Jews interpret it, or his kingdom too small:

I would moreover have given unto thee such and such things;
more and greater favours; and indeed such he had promised him, as a firm or stable house or kingdom, and that the Messiah should spring from him.