2 Samuel 14:2

2 Samuel 14:2

And Joab sent to Tekoah
Which Kimchi says was a city in the tribe of Asher, and others in the tribe of Benjamin, but it seems rather to be in the tribe, of Judah, ( 2 Chronicles 11:5 2 Chronicles 11:6 ) ; according Jerom F19, it was twelve miles from Jerusalem, though in another place F20 he says it was but nine; of this place was Amos, and some think F21 the woman after mentioned was his grandmother. It was proper to lay the scene of the affair to be proposed to the king at some distance, that it might not soon and easily be inquired into:

and fetched thence a wise woman;
one much advanced in years, as Josephus says F23, whose years had taught her wisdom by experience; a woman of good sense, and of a good address, apt at expression and reply, and knew how to manage an affair committed to her; and among other things, perhaps, was famous for acting the part of a mourner at funerals, for which sometimes women were hired; however, she was one that was talked of for her wisdom and prudence, and Joab having heard of her, sent for her as one for his purpose. The Jews F24 say, that Tekoah was the first place in the land of Israel for oil, and because the inhabitants were much used to oil, wisdom was found among them:

and said unto her, I pray thee feign thyself to be a mourner;
a woman of a sorrowful spirit, and in great distress, and show it by cries and tears:

and put on now mourning apparel;
black clothes, such as mourners usually wore:

and anoint not thyself with oil;
as used to be done in times of feasting and rejoicing, to make them look smooth, and gay, and cheerful, and of which there might be much use at Tekoah, if so famous for oil:

but be as a woman that had a long time mourned for the dead;
her countenance pale and foul with weeping, her mourning clothes almost worn out


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