2 Samuel 14:24

2 Samuel 14:24

And the king said
Very probably to Joab, when he informed him of Absalom's being come to Jerusalem:

let him turn to his own house;
depart from the king's palace, where Joab had brought him, and go to his own house, which was in Jerusalem; for here he had one before he fled to Geshur; see ( 2 Samuel 13:20 ) ;

and let him not see my face;
which he ordered, partly to show his detestation of the crime he had been guilty of, and some remaining resentment in his mind at him on account of it; and partly for his credit among some of the people at least, who might think it was a crime so great as not to go unpunished, though others were of a different mind; and also for the greater humiliation of Absalom, who, the king might think, had not been sufficiently humbled for his sin, or had not truly repented of it:

so Absalom returned to his own house, and saw not the king's face;
in obedience to his father's orders.

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