2 Samuel 15:14

2 Samuel 15:14

And David said unto all his servants that [were] with him at
His courtiers and ministers of state, the officers of his household, as many of them as were with him in the city; for some of them very probably were in the country, as Ahithophel was, and some might be along with Absalom, whom he had invited to his peace offerings:

arise, and let us flee;
it is much that a man of such courage and valour as David should be so intimidated at once as to make a flight as soon as he heard of a conspiracy forming against him:

for we shall not [else] escape from Absalom;
his fears ran so high, that he fancied he would be upon them presently:

make speed to depart, lest he overtake us suddenly;
which still more clearly shows the panic he was in:

and bring evil upon us;
kill them, or make them prisoners:

and smite the city with the edge of the sword;
the inhabitants of it, should they make resistance.