This chapter relates how that Absalom by various artful methods stole
away the hearts of the people of Israel, \\#2Sa 15:1-6\\; that pretending a
vow he had made, he got leave of the king to go to Hebron to perform
it, \\#2Sa 15:7-9\\; where he formed a considerable conspiracy,
\\#2Sa 15:10-12\\; of which David having information, thought it advisable
to depart from Jerusalem, both for his own safety, and the good of the
city, which he did with his family, and guards, and much people,
\\#2Sa 15:13-18\\; though he would have persuaded Ittai the Gittite to
have returned, but could not prevail upon him, \\#2Sa 15:19-23\\; however,
he sent back the priests and the Levites with the ark, lest any harm
should come to that, \\#2Sa 15:24-29\\; and as he and the people went up
the mount of Olives weeping, it was told him that Ahithophel was among
the conspirators, on which he put up a prayer that his counsel might be
infatuated, \\#2Sa 15:30,31\\; and Hushai the Archite coming to him at
that juncture, he sent him back to Jerusalem to defeat the counsel of
Ahithophel, and to send him word by the priests what he should hear
there from time to time, \\#2Sa 15:32-37\\.