2 Samuel 17:21

2 Samuel 17:21

And it came to pass after they were departed
The servants of Absalom:

that they came up out of the well;
the sons of the priests, being informed by the woman that they were gone; Josephus F19 says they were drawn up by the woman with a rope:

and went and told King David;
who was now in the plain of the wilderness, perhaps near Jericho, and not a great way from Jordan, to whom they related the whole of their message:

and said unto David;
as they were directed:

arise, and pass quickly over the water;
the river Jordan:

for thus hath Ahithophel counselled against you;
to come with twelve thousand men, and fall upon him that very night; and it was not certain his counsel would be rejected; and therefore it was advisable for David to prepare against the worst.


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