2 Samuel 18:28

2 Samuel 18:28

And Ahimaaz called and said unto the king
As soon as he came so near as to be heard by him, before he came up to him, he said with a loud voice:

all is well;
the king's army has had success, beat the rebels, and obtained a complete victory: or "peace" F5; for it is but one word in the original, which signifies all happiness and prosperity, and this he wished the king; and so it is the same as if he had said, God save the king, may all happiness attend him:

and he fell down to the earth upon his face before the king;
when he came nearer to him, not only in reverence of him, but in thankfulness to God:

and said, blessed [be] the Lord thy God, which hath delivered up the
men that lifted up their hand against my lord the king;
in which he ascribes the victory, not to Joab and his army, but to the Lord, to whom he gives thanks; and this agreeably to his character as a good man, and a priest of the Lord.


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