2 Samuel 19:6

2 Samuel 19:6

In that thou lovest thine enemies, and hatest thy friends
Which though not strictly true, there was some appearance of it, which is here greatly exaggerated; in that he expressed so much grief and sorrow for Absalom his enemy, who had rebelled against him, and showed so little regard to his friends, that had exposed their lives for him:

for thou hast declared this day:
by his conduct and behaviour, mourning for his rebellious son, and taking no notice of his faithful servants:

that thou regardest neither princes nor servants;
neither the officers of the army, the generals and captains, nor the common soldiers: since neither the one were admitted into his presence privately, nor had the other public thanks as they entered the city, as might have been expected: or "that thou hast no princes and servants" F7; none that are accounted of as such; they are nothing with thee, in no esteem at all, as if thou hadst none:

for this day I perceive that if Absalom had lived, and all we had died
this day, then it had pleased thee well;
this was carrying the matter too far; for though it would have been agreeable to David if Absalom had lived, and not been slain, yet not that his army should perish, or his people be destroyed; it would have pleased him well if both had lived.


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