This chapter contains a song or psalm, the same with the eighteenth
psalm, and which, according to Jarchi, was composed by David in his old
age, and, as Kimchi says, at the end or close of his days; but
Abarbinel is of opinion that it was written in his youthful time, in
the midst of his troubles, and was sung by him as often as he had a
deliverance from any; and which may account for the several variations
in it from the eighteenth psalm, which, the same writer observes, are
seventy four; and are not to be ascribed to the difference of copies,
or neglect of copiers: and very probably, towards the close of his
days, he revised it, and made it fit for general use, and sent it with
the rest of his psalms to the chief musician; but the particular
consideration of it, and of the differences in it from \\#Ps 18:1-50\\ are
referred to the exposition of that book in its course.