2 Samuel 3:26

2 Samuel 3:26

And when Joab was come out from David
Which perhaps he did at once, as soon as ever he had spoken his mind, and flew out of the room in a great passion, not waiting for the king's answer, since we read of none returned; though it may be the king disdained to give him one, or cared not to confer with him while in his passion, until it subsided; or chose not to provoke him more, for it is plain he had great power over him; which generals of armies at this time very much assumed, see ( 2 Samuel 3:39 ) ;

he sent messengers after Abner;
in the name of the king, as Abarbinel rightly supposes, and so Josephus F6; for otherwise it can hardly be thought he would have returned on a message from Joab only, who he knew bore him ill will:

which brought him again from the well of Sirah;
which might have its name from the thorns and briers that grew about it. Josephus F7 calls it Besira, and says it was twenty furlongs or two and an half miles from Hebron:

but David [knew] it not;
that Joab had sent messengers in his name after Abner to fetch him back; it was not done by his order, with his consent or knowledge; this is observed, to clear David from any concern in the death of Abner, as follows.


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