2 Samuel 4:5

2 Samuel 4:5

And the sons of Rimmon the Beerothite, Rechab and Baanah,
From Gittaim, where they were sojourners, ( 2 Samuel 4:3 ) ; or from the army, where they had commissions, wherever it was:

and came, about the heat of the day;
the middle of the day, at noon, as follows:

to the house of Ishbosheth;
which was at Mahanaim:

who lay on a bed at noon;
as was usual in hot countries, especially for great personages, as kings; so the Targum,

``and he was sleeping the sleep of kings;''

or at a time when king's usually slept; though this is remarked by some as an instance and proof of the sluggishness and inactivity of this prince, who left the management of all affairs to Abner his general, and gave himself to sloth and sensuality; which, when indulged, bring ruin on princes and their kingdoms.