2 Samuel 7:12

2 Samuel 7:12

And when thy days be fulfilled
The days of his life, which were appointed by the Lord for him to live, and when he had filled up the common term of man's life, as he exactly did; for he lived just seventy years, see ( 2 Samuel 5:4 ) ( Psalms 90:10 ) ;

and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers;
die and be buried; for this is a phrase expressive of death, and the grave the common portion of men:

I will set up thy seed after thee;
sons to succeed in the kingdom, as they did for the space of five hundred years; though here it respects one particular seed or son, even Solomon, as appears by what follows:

which shall proceed out of thy bowels;
be begotten by him, and born unto him, and has regard to a future son of his not yet born; not Absalom nor Adonijah, nor any of the rest born in Hebron were to succeed him in the kingdom, but one as yet unborn:

and I will establish his kingdom;
so that he shall have a long and happy reign, as Solomon had.