Acts 13:51

Acts 13:51

But they shook off the dust of their feet against them,
&c.] As Christ directed his apostles to do; (See Gill on Matthew 10:14).

And came unto Iconium,
a city in Lycaonia; here it is placed both by Ptolomy F3 and Strabo F4; Pliny says F5, that

``there was a tetrarchy granted out of Lycaonia, on that part which borders on Galatia, consisting of fourteen cities, the most celebrated city being Iconium.''

It was called by the Syrians (ane qyh) , "Ik-ona", which signifies "the bosom of sheep"; the country round about it being famous for feeding great numbers of sheep; and here afterwards was a church of Christ, a bosom for his sheep; it is now in the hands of the Turks, and is called "Conia", or "Cogne".


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