Acts 20:10

Acts 20:10

And Paul went down
From the upper room, where they were assembled, into the court, yard, or street, where he fell; or into the lower room of the house, where he was brought when taken up. The apostle might see him fall, or he might be told of it, or he might have an intimation of it from the Spirit of God, by whom he might be impressed to go down, in order to work a miracle, for the confirmation of the Gospel he was preaching:

and fell on him, and embracing him;
praying over him, as Elijah and Elisha did, ( 1 Kings 17:21 ) ( 2 Kings 4:34 ) and the like effect followed:

said, trouble not yourselves;
which speech perhaps was addressed to the friends and relations of the young man; or to the disciples present, who were concerned at this accident, both for the young man's sake, and lest it should be improved to the disadvantage of the Gospel by the enemies of it,

For his life,
or "soul"

is in him;
it being returned upon the apostle's falling on him, and praying over him; or he said this as being fully assured that it would return, in like manner as Christ said concerning Jairus's daughter, ( Luke 8:52 Luke 8:55 ) .