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Acts 22:6

Acts 22:6

And it came to pass, that as I made my journey
And had almost made an end of it:

and was come nigh unto Damascus;
about a mile from it, as some say,

about noon;
this circumstance is omitted in the account in ( Acts 9:3 ) and is mentioned here, not so much to inform what time of day it was, that Saul came to Damascus, as to observe how extraordinary that light must be, which then appeared, as follows:

suddenly there shone from heaven a great light round about me;
and not only about him, but those that were with him, ( Acts 26:13 ) . This must be a great light indeed, to be distinguished at noon, and to be above the brightness of the sun, and to have such effect upon the apostle and his company as it had; ( Acts 9:3 ) .

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