Acts 3:8

Acts 3:8

And he leaping up
From off the bed or couch, or ground on which he lay:

stood and walked;
stood firm and strong upon his feet, and walked about; by which it was abundantly manifest to himself and others, that he had a perfect cure. The Ethiopic version is a very ridiculous one, "and he went with them catching fishes"; as if upon this, before they went into the temple, he and the apostles went a fishing together, which has not the least foundation in the text:

and entered with them into the temple;
to join with them in divine worship, to acknowledge the goodness of God to him, and to show respect to the instruments he made use of in his cure:

and leaping;
for joy of the mercy, and that it might appear to all that he was thoroughly cured of his lameness: and thus the prophecy in ( Isaiah 35:6 ) "then shall the lame man leap as an hart", was literally fulfilled:

and praising God;
and not the apostles; for he knew that this was owing to the power of God, and could never have been done by man; though he might not be ungrateful to the instruments.