In this chapter the prophet foretells the calamities that should come
upon the Moabites for their transgressions, \\#Am 2:1-3\\; and the
destruction of Judah and Jerusalem for their iniquities, \\#Am 2:4,5\\;
also the judgments of God that should come upon Israel the ten tribes
for their sins, which sins are enumerated; their oppression of the
poor, their lewdness and idolatry, \\#Am 2:6-8\\; and which are aggravated
by the blessings of goodness bestowed upon them, both temporal and
spiritual, \\#Am 2:9-12\\; wherefore they are threatened with ruin, which
would be inevitable, notwithstanding their swiftness, strength, and
courage, and their skill in shooting arrows, and riding horses,
\\#Am 2:13-16\\.