Daniel 11:12

Ver. 12 And when he hath taken away the multitude
That is, when Ptolemy king of Egypt had defeated the large army of Antiochus, killed great numbers of them, and taken many: his heart shall be lifted up;
with pride, through the victory he obtained; and so he gave himself up to sensuality and luxury, judging himself now safe and secure in the possession of his kingdom: or, this may refer to his insolence, when he entered into Judea, went to Jerusalem, and forced his way into the holiest of all to offer sacrifice upon his victory; of which see third Maccabees chapter one: and he shall cast down many ten thousands;
or "many thousands", as the Vulgate Latin version; or rather "ten thousand" F13, either of the Jews, when he went into their country; or of the army of Antiochus the king of the north, as Jacchiades: and it may be rendered, "though he shall cast down many thousands" F14; that is, cast them down to the earth, slay them, as he did, even ten thousand of them, the number here mentioned: yet he shall not be strengthened by it;
for Antiochus escaped out of his hands, nor did he pursue his victory, and take all the advantages of it, as he might have done; for, as the historian F15 says, had he added valour to his fortune, he might have spoiled Antiochus of his kingdom; but, content with the recovery of the cities he lost, made peace, and greedily took the advantage of ease, and rolled himself in luxury, uncleanness, and intemperance.

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