Deuteronomy 6:21

Ver. 21 Then shall thou say unto thy son
In order to lead him into the spring and original of them, and to acquaint him with the goodness of God, which laid them under obligation to observe them:

we were Pharaoh's bondmen in Egypt;
were brought into bondage and slavery to Pharaoh king of Egypt, into whose country their ancestors came, and where they resided many years, and at length were reduced to the utmost servitude and misery:

and the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand;
by the exertion of his mighty power, which the Egyptians and their king could not withstand, as a token of his care and kindness to us; by the ties of which we are bound in gratitude to observe his commands. The Targum of Jonathan is,

``the Word of the Lord brought us''

and it was Christ the Son of God that was from first to last concerned in that affair, even from the appearance to Moses in the bush to Israel's coming out of Egypt.
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