Esther 6:12

Esther 6:12

And Mordecai came again to the king's gate
To attend his post and office at court; which confirms what has been already hinted, that he was in some office in the court, which this phrase is expressive of, and not a porter at the gate; for it is not probable he should return to such a station, after so much honour had been done him; and much less that he returned to his sackcloth and fasting, as Jarchi and the former Targum; since he might reasonably conclude things were taking a turn in his favour, and that of his people; though as yet he knew not what success Esther had had, to wait for which he returned to court:

but Haman hasted to his house;
pushed forward as fast as he could:

at his sad disappointment:

and having his head covered;
through grief and sorrow, confusion and shame; so Demosthenes, being hissed, went home with his head covered {c}, as confounded and ashamed to be seen F4.


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F4 See more instances in Lively's Chronology of the Persian monarchy, p. 18, 19.