This chapter is introduced with giving the reasons why the Lord
hardened the heart of Pharaoh, \\#Ex 10:1,2\\. Moses and Aaron go in to
him, and once more demanded in the name of the Lord the dismission of
the people of Israel, and in case of refusal, threatened him with
locusts being sent into his country, which should make terrible havoc
in all his coasts, \\#Ex 10:3-6\\, the servants of Pharaoh entreat him
to let them go, upon which Moses and Aaron are brought in again, and
treated with about the terms of their departure; but they, insisting
upon taking all with them, men, women, and children, and flocks and
herds, and Pharaoh not willing that any but men should go, they are
drove from his presence in wrath, \\#Ex 10:7-11\\ wherefore the locusts
were brought on all the land, which made sad devastation in it,
\\#Ex 10:12-15\\, and this wrought on Pharaoh so far as to acknowledge
his sin, pray for forgiveness, and to desire Moses and Aaron to entreat
the Lord to remove the plague, which they did, and it was removed
accordingly, but still Pharaoh's heart was hardened, \\#Ex 10:16-20\\
then followed the plague of thick darkness over all the land for three
days, which brought Pharaoh to yield that all should go with them
excepting their flocks and herds; but Moses not only insisted that not
a hoof should be left behind, but that Pharaoh should give them
sacrifices and burnt offerings, \\#Ex 10:21-26\\. Pharaoh's heart was
hardened, and he refused to comply, and Moses was bid to be gone, and
take care never to see his face any more, and which Moses agreed to,
\\#Ex 10:27-29\\.