This chapter contains the song of Moses, and of the children of Israel,
on the banks of the Red sea; in which they celebrate their passage
through it, the destruction of Pharaoh and his host in it, and the
glory of the divine perfections displayed therein, interspersed with
prophetic hints of things future, \\#Ex 15:1-19\\ which same song was
sung by the women, with Miriam at the head of them, attended with
timbrels and dances, \\#Ex 15:20,21\\, an account is given of the march
of the children of Israel from the Red sea to the wilderness of Shur,
and of the bitter waters found at Marah, which occasioned a murmuring,
and of their being made sweet by casting a tree into them,
\\#Ex 15:22-25\\ when they were told by the Lord, that if they would yield
obedience to his commandments, they should be free from the diseases
the Egyptians had been afflicted with, \\#Ex 15:26\\, and the chapter
is concluded with their coming to Elim, where they found twelve wells of
water, and seventy palm trees, and there encamped, \\#Ex 15:27\\.