The children of Israel coming to Rephidim, want water, and chide with
Moses about it, who, crying to the Lord, is bid to smite the rock,
from whence came water for them, and he named the place from their
contention with him, \\#Ex 17:1-7\\ at this place Amalek came and
fought with Israel, who, through the prayer of Moses, signified by
the holding up of his hands, and by the sword of Joshua, was
vanquished, \\#Ex 17:8-13\\, for the remembrance of which it was
ordered to be recorded in a book, and an altar was built with this
inscription on it, "Jehovahnissi": it being the will of God that
Amalek should be fought with in every generation until utterly
destroyed, \\#Ex 17:14-16\\.