This chapter contains several laws, chiefly judicial, relating to the
civil polity of Israel, as concerning witness borne and judgment made
of cases in courts of judicature, without any respect to poor or rich,
and without the influence of a bribe, \\#Ex 23:1-3,6-8\\, concerning doing
good to an enemy in case any of his cattle go astray, or fall under
their burden, \\#Ex 23:4,5\\, and of the oppression of a stranger,
\\#Ex 23:9\\, and then follow others concerning the sabbath of the
seventh year, and of the seventh day, with a caution against the use of
the names of idols, \\#Ex 23:10-13\\, next are laws concerning the
appearance of all their males at the three feasts, \\#Ex 23:14-17\\,
and concerning the slaying of the sacrifice of the passover, and
bringing the first of the firstfruits of the land, \\#Ex 23:18,19\\ and
then a promise is made of sending an angel to them to bring them into
the land of Canaan, where they should carefully avoid all idolatry, and
show a just indignation against it, and serve the Lord, and then it
would be well with them, \\#Ex 23:20-26\\, and particularly it is
promised, that the Lord would send his fear, and his hornets, before
them, to destroy the inhabitants of the land, and drive out the rest by
little and little, until they should possess the utmost borders of it,
which are fixed, \\#Ex 23:27-31\\, and the chapter is concluded with a
direction not to make a covenant with these people, or their gods, nor
suffer them to dwell among them, lest they should be a snare unto them,
\\#Ex 23:32,33\\.