In this chapter an order is given for a freewill offering towards
various things for the worship and service of God, and the materials to
be offered, which would be useful and acceptable, are mentioned
particularly, \\#Ex 25:1-7\\, as also another order to build a
sanctuary for God, after a model that he would give, \\#Ex 25:8,9\\,
and, an ark to put in the law on tables of stone, the fashion of which,
and the various things belonging to it, are described, \\#Ex 25:10-16\\,
and a mercy seat with cherubim on it to be set over the ark, where the
Lord promises to meet Moses and commune with him, \\#Ex 25:17-22\\ and
a table with various appurtenances to it to place the shewbread on,
\\#Ex 25:23-30\\ and a candlestick of gold, whose parts are described,
and all the instruments relative to it, \\#Ex 25:31-40\\.