Exodus 26:12

Exodus 26:12

And the remnant that remaineth of the curtains of the tent,
&c.] Of the goat hair curtains, which were one more than the linen curtains:

the half curtain that remaineth;
for the other half extended to the east end of it, at the entrance of the tabernacle, and hung down and was doubled there, and the other that remained is here disposed of:

shall hang over the backside of the tabernacle;
the west end of it, where was the holy of holies; or rather, as Dr. Lightfoot F14 describes it, thus, it was when those curtains (of goats' hair) were laid upon the other over the tabernacle; they were not laid as these brazen loops (clasps it should be) did light just upon the golden ones over the vail, but three quarters of a yard more westward, so that the five curtains that went west did reach to the ground and half a curtain to spare, ( Exodus 26:12 ) the other six that lay east reached to the end, covered the pillars whereon that vail hung, and they hung half a curtain's breadth or a yard over the entrance.


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