This chapter informs us of the servants God would have to minister to
him in the house, or tabernacle, he had ordered to be made, even
Aaron and his sons, \\#Ex 28:1\\ of the garments they were to wear
in their service, \\#Ex 28:2-5\\ and first of the garments of the
high priest, and particularly of the ephod, with the girdle, on the
shoulder pieces of which were to be two onyx stones, with the names of
the children of Israel engraved on them, \\#Ex 28:6-14\\, and that of
the breastplate of judgment, with the Urim and Thummum in it,
\\#Ex 28:15-30\\ and of the robe of the ephod, \\#Ex 28:31-35\\, and of
the mitre, \\#Ex 28:36-39\\ and then of the garments of the common
priests, \\#Ex 28:40-43\\.

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