Exodus 34:9

Exodus 34:9

And he said, if now I have found grace in thy sight
Or "seeing now", for he could have no doubt upon his mind but that he had found grace and favour in the sight of God, since he had caused his goodness and glory to pass before him, and made such a proclamation of his grace and mercy to him; but he takes it for granted, and improves it, and argues upon it, as follows:

O Lord, let my Lord, I pray thee, go amongst us;
as the Lord had signified as if he would not go among them, but leave them to the conduct of a created angel; and Moses had before prayed that his presence or face might go with them, ( Exodus 33:3 Exodus 33:14 ) and now having some fresh tokens of the favour and good will of God towards him, renews his request with great earnestness and importunity, entreating the Lord Jehovah the Father, that Moses's Lord Jehovah the Son, the Angel of God's presence, in whom his name was, might go with them, as he had said he should:

for it is a stiffnecked people;
and therefore have need of such an one to be with them, to rule and govern them, to restrain and keep them within due bounds; or "though F13 it is a stiffnecked people"; for this is the reason given by the Lord why he would not go among them, ( Exodus 33:3 ) wherefore Moses prays that he would go, notwithstanding this; he owns the character of them was just, yet humbly prays that God would nevertheless vouchsafe his presence:

and pardon our iniquity, and our sin;
which he had the greater reason to hope he would, since he had just proclaimed his name, a God pardoning iniquity, transgression, and sin; and, the more to gain his suit, makes himself a party concerned, calling the sin committed, "our iniquity, and our sin"; even his among the rest, who had found grace in the sight of God, and therefore entreats others might also, since they were all sinners, and there was forgiveness with him:

and take us for thine inheritance;
to possess and enjoy, protect and defend, cultivate and improve, keep and preserve for ever.


F13 Quamvis, Piscator, Patrick; so R. Marinus in Aben Ezra; and some in Abendana.