Exodus 35:22

Exodus 35:22

And they came both men and women, as many as were
willing hearted
And none else were asked to come; and this supposes, that as there were many of both sexes that were quite cordial, and heartily willing to contribute to the uttermost of what they had for this service, so there were others that were not:

and brought bracelets, and earrings, and rings, and tablets;
the first of these, according to our version, seem to be ornaments, not about the neck, but the hands and arms, or wrists, see ( Genesis 24:22 Genesis 24:30 ) though the word seems to have the signification of an hook, and may mean buckles or clasps, with which some part of their garments were coupled and fastened; so Kimchi says F2, that in his opinion it was an ornament somewhat like a needle, with which they pierced and joined the two parts of the collar of a shirt under the throat: the next are such ornaments as were worn in the ears, and though many had been given for the making of the golden calf, yet not all; there were many that did not give their earrings for this service, especially the women, perhaps only the men, see ( Exodus 32:2 Exodus 32:3 ) the "rings" were such as were worn on the finger, as all seem to agree; but what the "tablets" were is hard to say, the word being only used in this place and ( Numbers 31:50 ) : some take them for ornaments worn on the right arm; others for the covering of another part, not to be named; others for girdles or aprons; Aben Ezra gives a different account of most of them; he says the first design ornaments in the ear, or earrings; the second such as were worn in the nose, or nose jewels; and the third indeed such as were put on the finger; and the fourth, that were upon the arm: however, they were all

jewels of gold;
or were all such ornaments as were made of gold; and these are first mentioned, as being probably first brought, and were what were asked for in the first place, gold being wanted for several things:

and every man that offered [offered] an offering of gold unto the
that is, everyone of the first company that came, their offering was of gold, or something made of gold.


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