In this chapter, under the sign of the prophet's removing household
goods, is represented the removal of the king of Judah and his people
from their own land into captivity; and under another sign, of the
prophet's eating and drinking with quaking, and trembling, and
carefulness, is set forth, either the famine that should be during the
siege of Jerusalem, or the desolations following the taking of it; and
the chapter is concluded with a reproof of the Jews flattering
themselves that these prophecies respected times a great way off, and
therefore hoped they would never be accomplished. The preface to the
first sign is in \\#Eze 12:1,2\\; which describes the people of the Jews
as rebellious, and given up to judicial blindness and hardness; and
suggests the cause of all their calamities: the order to prepare goods
for removing, to show to the people; for digging a wall; carrying the
stuff out in their sight, on his shoulders, at twilight; and covering
his face when he did it, is in \\#Eze 12:3-6\\; the execution of this
order, which is declared in part for the whole, is in \\#Eze 12:7\\; then
follows the explication of this sign, \\#Eze 12:8-11\\; and the application
of it, first to King Zedekiah, in whom should be fulfilled several of
the particulars mentioned, \\#Eze 12:12,13\\; and to the people about him,
and his army that should be scattered and fall by the sword,
\\#Eze 12:14\\; the end of which should be, that the Lord should be known,
his power, truth, and righteousness, by a few that should escape the
famine, pestilence, and sword, \\#Eze 12:15,16\\. The second sign, with
the explication and application of it, is in \\#Eze 12:17-20\\; and the
chapter is closed with a reproof of the Jews; the proverbial expression
they used, and which the Lord resented, is cited \\#Eze 12:21,22\\; and
the prophet is bid to assure them that it should cease, or there should
be no room for it; and also every vain vision and flattering
divination, \\#Eze 12:23,24\\; and that the word of the Lord should not
be prolonged, but should quickly and certainly be accomplished; and
that their hopes of the contrary were in vain, \\#Eze 12:25-28\\.

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