It being said in \\#Eze 12:24\\; that there should be no more a vain
vision, nor a flattering divination; the prophet is ordered to prophesy
against the false prophets and prophetesses, \\#Eze 13:1,2,17\\; the
former are described as prophesying out of their own hearts, \\#Eze 13:2\\;
as foolish ones, following their own spirit, and seeing nothing,
\\#Eze 13:3\\; they are compared to foxes in the deserts, \\#Eze 13:4\\;
and are represented as unconcerned to stand in the gap for the people,
\\#Eze 13:5\\; and as seeing vanity and lying divination; wherefore the
Lord was against them, \\#Eze 13:6-8\\; what they are threatened with
are, that they should not be in the assembly of God's people; nor
written in the writing of the house of Israel; nor enter into the land
of Israel, \\#Eze 13:9\\; the reason of which was, because they seduced
the Lord's people, by speaking peace to them when there was none; which
is figuratively expressed by building a wall, and daubing it with
untempered mortar, \\#Eze 13:10\\; upon which the wall is threatened to
be rent, and caused to fall with a stormy wind; signifying the
destruction of Jerusalem by the Chaldean army; and the false prophets
to have the wrath of God poured on them who doubted it, \\#Eze 13:11-16\\;
and then follows the order to the prophet to prophesy against the false
prophetesses, and set his face against them, and pronounce woe upon
them in the name of the Lord; who are described as prophesying out of
their own hearts; sowing pillows to all armholes; and making kerchiefs
on the head of all sorts of persons; and which they did for poor small
gain, and to the detriment of immortal souls, good and bad,
\\#Eze 13:17-19\\; wherefore the Lord threatens to tear off their pillows
and kerchiefs, and deliver his people out of their hands, no more to be
hunted by them, \\#Eze 13:20,21\\; the reason of which was, because they
saddened the hearts of the righteous, and strengthened the hands of the
wicked, \\#Eze 13:22\\; and the chapter is concluded with a resolution
that they should see no more vanity nor divine divinations; and that
the Lord's people should be delivered from them, and they should know
that he was the Lord, \\#Eze 13:23\\.