This chapter contains me prophet's call, commission, and instruction to
prophesy. The preparation to it is in \\#Eze 2:1,2\\; being fallen upon
his face, he is bid to stand upon his feet, with a promise to speak to
him; and the Spirit entering into him, he is set by him on his feet,
and he hears what is spoken to him; then follows his mission to the
children of Israel, who are described as rebellious, impudent, and
stiff-hearted; and to whom he is sent, to render them inexcusable,
\\#Eze 2:3-5\\; and he is exhorted not to be afraid of their words, nor
dismayed at their looks, however fierce and furious they might be; but
faithfully declare his message, and not be discouraged, should it be
without success, \\#Eze 2:6,7\\; and he is instructed not to be
rebellious, as they were; but open his mouth and eat what should be
given him, \\#Eze 2:8\\; when, in a visionary way, a hand was seen, and
a roll in it, and this spread before him, written within and without,
full of lamentation, mourning, and woes, as a symbol of the substance
of his prophecy, \\#Eze 2:9,10\\.