This chapter contains two more prophecies concerning the destruction of
Egypt. The date of the first is given, \\#Eze 22:1\\, in which the king of
Egypt is compared to a large fish taken in a net, and brought to land,
and left on it, to be the prey of the fowls of the air and beasts of the
field, \\#Eze 32:2-4\\, and the ruin of that kingdom is further amplified by
the casting of it on the mountains and valleys; by the land flowing with
its blood; by the darkness of the heavens; by the vexation in the hearts
of many people; and by the amazement of kings and nations,
\\#Eze 32:5-10\\, the means and instruments of all which will be the king of
Babylon and his army, \\#Eze 32:11,12\\, the devastation made by him, which
would be such as would cause lamentation in other nations, is described,
\\#Eze 32:13-16\\, then follows the other prophecy, whose date is given,
\\#Eze 32:17\\, the prophet is bid to lament the fall of Egypt, which is
represented under the funeral of a corpse, \\#Eze 32:18-20\\, saluted by
those gone down to the grave before, or were become desolate; which are
mentioned, to assure Egypt of its destruction, \\#Eze 32:21\\ as the
Assyrian empire, and all its provinces, \\#Eze 32:22,23\\, the Persians and
Medes, with all their dominions, \\#Eze 32:24,25\\, the posterity of Meshech
and Tubal, or the Scythians, those warlike people, \\#Eze 32:26-28\\, the
Edomites, the princes of the north, and all the Zidonians, \\#Eze 32:29,30\\
which would be a comfort, though a poor one to the king of Egypt and his
subjects, to have such company with them, \\#Eze 32:31,32\\.