This chapter is a prophecy concerning the desolations of the land of
Israel, and the causes of them; of the return of the people to it, and
the fruitfulness of it; and of spiritual blessings bestowed upon them in
the latter day. And first, for the comfort of the people of Israel, it
is observed that their enemies that insulted them will suffer the
vengeance of God's wrath, particularly the Edomites, \\#Eze 36:1-7\\, that
the land of Israel should again become fruitful, its cities rebuilt, men
and beasts be multiplied upon it, and be no more liable to destruction,
nor bear any more the reproach of the Heathen, \\#Eze 36:8-15\\, the causes
of its desolation and destruction, the sins of its inhabitants, especially
bloodshed, idolatry, and profanation of the name of God, \\#Eze 36:16-20\\,
nevertheless the Lord promises to have mercy on them, and return them to
their own land, not for their sakes, but for his own name's sake,
\\#Eze 36:21-24\\, then follow promises of spiritual blessings to them: as
purification from all sin by the blood of Christ; regeneration by his
Spirit and grace; and evangelical obedience as the fruit of that,
\\#Eze 36:25-27\\, and others of a mixed kind, respecting partly temporal
and partly spiritual blessings, \\#Eze 36:28-36\\, for all which it is
expected of the Lord that he should be prayed unto for them;
particularly their inhabitation in their own land, and the
multiplication of them in it, with which the chapter concludes,
\\#Eze 36:37,38\\.